What to do? An android app made to guide people what to do in various scenarios.

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NOTE : This app has been signed with default debug key

We all face various scenarios in our life . Some are life threatening while some are just awkward moments . In each case it is kinda vital to do the write things at the write time . This app has been made to help you do the same with the help researched content and quick links provided within the app.

This app is not a commercial app but more a project .


Why this project
This project started as small project consisting of a couple of activities . But then in attempt to made this app really useful for someone it turned into a decent sized app with nearly 20 activities.
Though this app is just a project but still it has been made with great care , the content has been out in the app so that it is easily readable by the user so that it can really help someone seeking help in any case.

Key features

UI of the app


1. 4 themes for the scenarios you are looking for to provide easy UX
2. Flat UI and suitable color choice to enhance the UI of the app
3. Quick access “Search the web” button provided for every stuff so that user can easily look for more information on the web.

Click Here to download
NOTE : This app has been signed with default debug key

Any comments or suggestions are more then welcome!

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