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Hello! I am Priyank and you have come across my little corner of the internet.
I mainly write about my musings on technology, engineering, and life.

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What Exactly Was The Global Financial Crisis of ’08? : An Essay

I profoundly believe that the historical events hold myriads of lessons for us to learn from. Given the current economic scenario where it seems that the writing is on the wall and the economy is going to go in a recession, possibly a depression, it made sense for a complete finance tyro like me to…

A Tale on Concatenated Indexes: Master Roshi and Goku’s fireside chat

Right Practice. Right Results This post is part of newsletter that I run “Scamming the Coding Interview”, which is geared towards continuous practice on concepts to ace the engineering interviews. Subscribe Once upon a time there was a master named Roshi whose relational database used to work like a blowing wind. Reads used to be…

A plea for lean software: 6 Lessons I learned to help keep software simple

  Preface Recently, I was browsing the codebase of my company and saw that it has three versions of dashboards for an analytics page in it. I am pretty sure that customers don’t need that. This sparked something in my naive brain and I started exploring the internet for related ideas. That’s when I found…

Trying to Wrap My Head Around The Dynamo Storage System: A Deep Dive

Introduction The world of databases is very interesting. To build a loveable product, a core infrastructure piece that’s needed is the data persistence layer. I find this data persistence layer to be like a tip of the iceberg, the get and the put calls have so much going under the hood that it’s mind blowing…

Introduction to LSM Trees: May the logs be with you

This post is a part of a newsletter that I run: “Scamming The Coding Interview“, which is geared towards helping people ACE their coding interviews. We send a coding question on weekdays along with a system design article like this one on weekends. Do subscribe If you find this article valuable. Introduction What will be the simplest…

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