LFS101x : Introduction to Linux on edX

It was this summer when I saw this course LFS101x being offered on edX  by The Linux Foundation.  Both the terms Linux and edX excited me . So I decided to take this course.

My experience with prior online courses

I have taken few online courses on edX and coursera . In both the cases I loved the excitement and knowledge they provide. They were also fun learning and thus worked well for me.

My background prior to taking this course

Before taking this course I was an average newbie to Linux . All I was having was curiosity and a little knowledge of Linux . Thus I found this course perfect for me.

As being a programmer , I used Linux just for programming purposes. And wanted to expand the arsenal.

The journey of the course

The course started on 1 August ’14 . I took this course on its very first offering.  It was a self-paced course and they provided all the chapters in advance. All chapters were divided into small sections . Each section ends with couple or more questions . There were video demonstrations of all major Linux shell commands which were great to catch the concepts.

It took me 10 days to finish this course  , when I decided to take the final exam which I found pretty easy.

The course content was updated and discussion forums on edX were helpful.

In epitome  it was a great learning  experience and   you will feel like a linux super user at the end 😉 .

What this course demands?

It’s easy and alluring to declare that you’re “starting” an online course , but it is equally important not to dwell on it for too long especially if this is your first online course.

That doesn’t mean this course requires great effort  . All this course demands is commitment , dedication and will to learn.

Final words

It was great to be a part of such a massive learning group . Both the knowledge you gain and the community you get in touch with thrills you .

I highly recommend all of you to take this course.

They also provide an Honor Code certificate for free after scoring more then 70% in the final exam.

You can have a look at my certificate here.

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