5 Coolest features of Android Studio

Android Studio is out and stable now. It is always fun to try new tools. Right?

So far it has been around 2 months since I have been using Android Studio. And I guess it is the best time to select my personal choice of 5 coolest features of it.

If you want some technical or geeky feature list RTFM! This post is not meant for that.

1. Code preview scrolling


This is one of my favorite feature. In fact I loved this feature in intelliJ also. Scrolling through endless page of code becomes so easy and fluid with this feature. Claps! for the makers.

2. Inbuilt terminal


This just increases the comfort of accessing the terminal. Whether it is for adb commands or something else, an easy to access inbuilt terminal always helps.

3. Tab switcher


Working on Android projects includes working with many files including classes, layouts, values, styles etc.

What else can be useful more then a rocking tab switcher made for this purpose only.

4. Color and Image preview


As a developer one works with hex codes and ids of images. And then there are color and image previews just to make feel comfortable.

5. Smart code recognitioncode_inspection

Code inspection in Android Studio is pretty impressive. It guides you to maintain good quality code and instructs you like coding teacher.

That’s all folks! These were my favorite features of Android Studio. Of course these were not technical like better build system or performance stats, but at least these are more attractive to someone looking forward to use this amazing IDE.

Comment your favorite feature. I am excited to hear from you guys!

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