MIT 11.133x : Implementation and Evaluation of Educational Technology – Week 0 Sum Up


This week I started with  another MOOC by Edx “Implementation and Evaluation of Educational Technology”. It is a 5 weeks course going from week 0 to week 4.

So here I will blog about my experiences with the course, each week.


There was not much in the course in week 0. You can guess that by week number.

Week started with introduction to forums and edx platform and how we are supposed to proceed with the course. Course depends upon peer evaluation for grading which is a cool thing to do for a such an open topic course.

We start with giving our introduction in the forum. Which is again a great thing to begin with you can tell others what are you expecting from the course and what drives you to take the course. So that people with similar interest can come together and collaborate.

Next were some videos depicting history of educational technologies starting back from papers to PCs. It makes you think what are the ways education can be transformed into by the use of proper technologies. I am pretty sure it is all going to be softwares magic. And future is for paperless education that will be super inexpensive and resource efficient.

The 2 very interesting terms introduced were :

  1. Constructionism  : Learning is best done by creating.
  2. Constructivism : Knowledge based on genuine experiences not only based on theory.

There was a video by Sal Khan, Founder of Khan Academy

What i really liked is what Sal Khan said…
How technology can be used to make the teaching and learning ways better.Teachers can have real time dashboards to see who is stuck on what… such software suit can increase the efficiency of current educations systems by many folds.



There was no as such assignment this week. Just we were asked to write a paragraph on our encounter with educational technology and how we absorbed it.

Week 1 will start in 2 days. Very  excited for what’s coming next. 😀

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