How Mobile Devices Can Change the Educational Technology and Education?

Educational technology is growing rapidly and thus is catching everyone’s attention. At the same time mobile devices are part of are lives from a long time now. Students and teachers are increasingly embracing tablets and e-book readers in their personal lives.

Accessibility of educational technology is one of the biggest barrier that we are facing. Mobile devices are best way to make this problem less serious.

Advantages of mobile devices to be used as platform for ed-tech :  

  1.  Easy accessibility and availability.
  2. Inexpensive than other tools like desktops and laptops.
  3. Smaller is size and thus easy to carry.
  4. Rich application environment to distribute content.
  5. Highly accepted device by all people.

“It’s about better engaging students in class, seeing how instructional support areas can use the devices in terms of working with students, and finding out if faculty and staff can use them to be more efficient and effective,” says Lisa Young, an instructional design and educational technology faculty member at SCC.

With growing popularity of mobile devices we have enormous possibilities to enhance the current education system. We can put content on e-books, applications etc. The current generation is so innate with mobile devices that use of mobile as a platform for ed-tech will only make it more intuitive and fun for them.


“Like any new technology, it takes a while to see where it fits,” says Ron Bonig,

Of course this will take some time. We are still in phase where educational technology is not that crosses everyone’s mind as a necessity. Some people still think smartphones are hindrance to education. But i very firmly believe that string development programs in this field will cause them to go with the flow.

Despite its potential mobile computing is yet to reach the mass educators and students as a platform. But who knows we are at the starting of a revolution that will change the education scene forever!

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