SketchBook #1 : “Size of The Moon”

I love sketching for various reasons. One of the most prominent one is it makes you overcome the fear of starting something about which you don’t have full clarity yet.

For me at least, when I sit down to sketch I have a general theme or inspiration in mind but the final rendered output is a surprise for me too. Maybe that’s why I like it even more.

Anyway, this one is called “Size of The Moon”

Most of what I do end up sketching is heavily inspired by the works of James R Eads.

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"Size of The Moon" #inktober #pensketch

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The Making

Almost everything I do, it happens in phases. Initially there’s a huge barrier to start.
Once you’ve started at some point I get into the state of flow, and that’s where most of the progress is made.

With sketching too when you start, that blank piece of paper gives you condescend stares.

But eventually one stroke at a time, clarity arrives and you can see your imagination taking shape. Everything that seemed fragmented starts falling into places and the so called “flow” arrives. At this point, it’s difficult to put down the pen to be honest and the paper seems to small to render everything your mind is imagining.

The finished sketch never looks exactly the same as I had imagined. Most of the time it’s not even close.

The End

“Size of The Moon”

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